For companies paying dividends

Transform your workflow.

Orchestra handles the manual and repetitive tasks, so your team can focus on what counts. Eliminate spreadsheet calculations and mail merges using automation.

Simplify, optimise and thrive

Bring your shareholders together in an intuitive, secure platform. Find efficiencies with electronic share transfers and one-click dividend distributions. Moving your share register online will impress your shareholders and save you hours.

Digitise your spreadsheet

Simplify the share transfer process and manage all holdings in real-time.

Improve accuracy and compliance

Eliminate any risk of human error and rework by streamlining repetitive tasks.

Scale easily

As your company grows, your shareholders will grow with it. Grow without compromising efficiency.

Boost professionalism

Generate well-presented statements in a secure shareholder app.

Focus on what matters

Spend time on meaningful work.

Effortlessly manage your company's ownership structure with automation and real-time insights, and distribute dividends seamlessly.

  • Optimised share register
  • Easily communicate with shareholders
  • Streamline dividends
  • Enjoy peace-of-mind security and compliance



Have questions?
We have answers.

What is Orchestra and why should I use it?

Orchestra is a platform that helps to allocate and track company ownership. Companies paying dividends need to manage this early on to streamline the distribution of fair ownership, ensure accurate record-keeping, and maintain compliance with regulatory requirements.

Why should we switch from spreadsheets to Orchestra?

Orchestra offers automation, precision, and scalability that spreadsheets cannot provide. You also have the ability to track transaction history and store and access documents between you and your shareholders.

How can Orchestra help to maintain compliance with regulatory requirements?

Orchestra offers built-in compliance requirements and reporting tools to ensure that your equity distribution adheres to legal regulations of your business.

How does Orchestra facilitate communitcation with shareholders?

Orchestra has a shareholder app that enables secure and transparent communication with shareholders, including company updates, financial reports and personalised dividend statements stored securely in an online document vault.

How hard is it to switch from spreadsheets to Orchestra?

Not hard at all. Depending on the complexity of your share register, you can either do this yourself starting from scratch, or we have an expert team that can facilitate and assist in the transition to make the process smooth.