Member-owned cooperatives

Fuelling cooperative growth.

Orchestra is enhancing the way cooperatives handle equity and stakeholder tasks. You can rely on Orchestra to help you build better member relationships.

Make the complex, simple

Engage your members like never before by simplifying complex share registries and using secure tools to file important correspondence in a leading all-in-one equity management platform.

Engage with members

Built-in communication tools help you keep your members up-to-date and confident with key files on hand.

Manage complexity

Manage complex share registers and multiple share classes, and hold unique information against each member.

Streamline payouts & reports

Automate the dividend calculation and distribution process and easily create dividend reports.

Single source of truth

Your share registry, share transactions, and other key documents are securely stored.



Have questions?
We have answers.

What is Orchestra and why should I use it?

Orchestra is a platform that helps to allocate and track company ownership. Member-owned co-operatives need to manage this early to streamline equity tracking, improve governance and facilitate member engagement.

Each member will have access to their own personalised app allowing cooperative members to access their equity statements and engage in discussions which helps to foster transparency and involvement.

Why should we switch from spreadsheets to Orchestra?

Orchestra offers automation, precision, and scalability that spreadsheets cannot provide. You also have the ability to track transaction history and store and access documents between your company and each member.

How can Orchestra help to maintain compliance with regulatory requirements?

Orchestra offers built-in compliance requirements and reporting tools to ensure that your equity distribution adheres to legal regulations of your business.

How does Orchestra facilitate communitcation with stakeholders?

Orchestra has an investor app that enables secure and transparent communication with investors and employees about equity changes, financial reports and important company updates.

How hard is it to switch from spreadsheets to Orchestra?

Not hard at all. Depending on the complexity of your share register, you can either do this yourself starting from scratch, or we have an expert team that can facilitate and assist in the transition to make the process smooth.