For employees

Take control of your equity.

Your equity ownership is more than a piece of paper; it's a stake in the collective success of your company. Orchestra empowers you to actively participate and manage the growth of the company you've helped to build.

Value your ownership benefit

Bring your equity ownership to life and better understand its worth. Actively participate in the performance of your ownership by accessing real-time updates and clear visual dashboards that track your ownership over time.

Be empowered

Take control of your share plan and monitor the value of your shares to help you make informed decisions.

Stay informed

Track your vesting over time and watch your progress unfold. Equip yourself with knowledge of when and how your equity is earned.

Manage correspondence

Using a secure app, you can keep important documents and communications stored securely for safe keeping.

Enjoy peace-of-mind

Your financial data is sensitive, and we safeguard it with robust security measures.

Your success

Join the success story.

By managing your equity ownership with Orchestra, you're not just an employee but an integral part of your company's success story. Your commitment drives growth, so make sure you know how to see the rewards.

  • Employee app
  • Vesting and exercising management
  • Grant value modelling
  • Document signing and storage



Have questions?
We have answers.

What is Orchestra and why should I use it?

Orchestra is a platform that helps employees manage their participation in employee share schemes through a personalised employee app, helping them track equity, understand its value, and make informed decisions about their ownership.

Who should consider using Orchestra?

Any company that has an employee share scheme or is looking to set one up should use Orchestra to help their employees who are part of the scheme to have oversight over their holding to make the most of it.

How can Orchestra help provide transparency for employees in employee share schemes?

Orchestra provides real-time updates on employee holdings, informing them of their total shares or options that have been allocated, how many are vested or unvested through to facilitation with exercising any share options (if relevant).

With greater transparency, employees are empowered to track and understand their equity's performance more effectively.

Can Orchestra help employees understand and comply with tax regulations related to employee share schemes?

Orchestra can model out scenarios related to holdings, but it does not give any direct tax advice. You will need to speak to a tax specialist to understand any tax obligations associated with an employee's holding.