For investors

Your share of success.

Enjoy the benefits of up-to-the-minute insights on the performance of your holdings across your portfolio. Make it super simple to navigate your holdings on one platform.

Master your portfolio

Welcome to the future of smart investing. Take control of your holdings across your portfolio using an intuitive and streamlined investment platform to track and manage your unlisted investments.

Gain full visibility

Keep track of important documents and communications across all your private company investments.

Be better connected

As a valued stakeholder, you can easily stay up-to-date with the journey and progress of companies you're invested in.

Enjoy peace-of-mind

Your financial data is sensitive, and we safe guard it with robust security measures.

Anywhere, anytime access

With your investments stored in a secure platform, you can access any detail on your investments from anywhere.

Manage your equity holdings

Embrace a smarter way to manage investments.

Have full oversight of your private company holdings in an intuitive, central and secure platform.

  • Real-time visibility
  • Automatic compliance record
  • Performance analysis
  • User-friendly interface



Have questions?
We have answers.

What is Orchestra and why should I use it?

Orchestra is a centralised platform that helps investors streamline their investment portfolio management, track overall performance, and make informed decisions about future investments.

Why should we switch from spreadsheets to Orchestra?

Orchestra offers efficiency, transparency and automation to help you get a quicker and more precise update on your investments in private companies using Orchestra.

As an investor, you can also track your transaction history and store and access documents and communication between you and the private companies you are a shareholder in.

How can Orchestra help give me greater transparency over my investments?

Orchestra has detailed and real-time information on your investment portfolio across any private company using Orchestra that you are a shareholder for. This includes asset allocation, performance and historical data, which helps you to make more informed decisions across your portfolio.

Can Orchestra help me with reporting requirements?

Orchestra can help you generate reports and stay compliant with your compliancy needs.